Homeopathy with Ruth Sadler

What is homeopathy and energetic medicine?

Homeopathy is a system of holistic, complementary medicine which has been practised in Europe for over two centuries and from which some thirty million people across the continent are surrently benefiting.

The essence of homeopathic medicine is that the treatment works with the body's own powers of recuperation. Above all, the patient is always treated as an individual and the treatment aims to embrace the entirety of symptoms, focusing not just upon immediate ills but on underlying physical, emotional and mental problems.

Homeopaths treat their patients using a very wide range of remedies. Many are derived from plants but some from metals, minerals and animal sources. Once the essential remedy has been prepared the actual dispensing remedy is produced by a process of serial dilution in a solution of alchohol and water. The final liquid is described as having been potentized and is generally dispensed as tablets or drops. This is not magic, just simple and effective science!

The remedy acts as a trigger to enlist and stimulate the body's own regenerative powers and works, not just on the physical but on mental and emotional levels - a complete and lasting treatment for the individual.

The remedies are non invasive, non addictive and free from harmful side effects; they are used by children, during all stages of pregnancy and by all age groups.


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