Homeopathy with Ruth Sadler

Homeopathy and Asyra prectitioner near Newcastle, in Belsay

My background is in nursing and, having completed my training in 1979 as an SRN, I worked in a range of departments before deciding my true vocation lay more in the field of Homeopathy and Kinesiology. I was, after four years of intensive study, admitted onto the Register of Homeopaths in 1989 and have been practising Homeopathy in Newcastle ever since.

Subsequently, I underwent further training in health kinesiology which helps me carry out allergy testing to food and chemicals and treat them.

I have since completed a number of short courses in counselling, phytotherapy (the use of plant tinctures); these are helpful in detoxing and organ support, optimum nutrition and the use of vitamin, mineral and protein supplements allowing me to give nutritional advice.

Another course I have completed is in Thought Field Therapy which rapidly helps those people overcoming trauma, anxiety and panic attacks and simple addictions. This is done by tapping specific acupuncture sites in a certain order.

Over five years ago I acquired Asyra bio-energetic screening technology. This represents cutting edge development of electro-dermal screening science. Asyra delivers a picture of health status and how to improve this in moments. How does this work? The Asyra software contains digitally coded data relating to a wide range of health factors, output by Asyra hardware, as electro-magnetic signals during testing.

Utilising a simple low voltage circuit, created by grasping two brass cylinders, the body's response to signal outputs, from the device is recorded by measuring changes in the electrical resistance of the skin. With this form of bio-energetic testing, we are 'asking the body a question' and obtaining a response directly from the body's own physiology without engaging the conscious, language centres of the mind. In its way this is similar to muscle testing, Kinesiology or a polygraph.

By testing for thousands of homeopathic remedies, nutritional factors, cell-salts, herbs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and more, the Asyra delivers an insight into the health status of the client and how this may be improved.

I'm now integrating this testing method into my usual homeopathic case taking. This gives me yet another tool in my health care and wellness practice. My aim is for clients who are feeling well to keep that way by identifying possible health stresses in their bodies at a stage preceding actual symptoms. For ill clients, to identify the causes of their disease and how to correct these as quickly as may be possible, using appropriate homeopathic medication, diet, vitamin supplements or herbs.

I practise from converted and modernised farm buildings at my home which is located at: The Old Schoolhouse, Whalton Road, Belsay, Newcastle upon Tyne NE20 OEU, Tel. 01661881654. Mobile 07733712506
Email: ruth.sadler@islmail.co.uk

Directions: Coming north from Newcastle, follow the A696 into and through Belsay Village; pass the school on your right and, as the main road bears west at the end of the village, you will see a sharp right hand junction, signposted Whalton and Morpeth, turn right onto this road and proceed for a hundred metres or so and the Old Schoolhouse is the first detached property on your right. It is complete with stone arcading! You can't miss it! The clinic premises are at the rear of the house, across the gravel yard adjacent to the large open garage area. There is ample easy parking and disabled access.

Coming south via the A696, you simply turn left onto Whalton Road.

In terms of my particular specialist areas I would include health kinesiology, allergy testing and treatment, nutritional advice, vitamin and mineral supplementation.

The majority of health problems, chronic and acute, can be helped, in some way, by the therapies I practice.

I have particular interest and success with digestive and gut related problems like indigestion , bloating,candida problems and IBS using a combination of homeopathy, allergy testing with kinesiology and nutritional advice.

My other main area is helping women with hormonal problems from teens to menopause, PCO and endometriosis,again using a combination of homeopathy, allergy testing with kinesiology and nutritional advice.

Some testimonials from patients are set out below:

"Having worked with Ruth over a short period using allergy testing and treatment I am more tolerant to wheat and I can get on with my normal life. My energy has returned and it's wonderful to feel normal again."

"During the past six months I have been to see Ruth profesionally for homeopathy supplements and for kinesiology, and on all my visits to see her I have felt very supported and nurtured, as well as undoubtedly having benefited from her recommendations and treatment."

"This has been a massive turning point for me - and all down to Ruth. I would not hesitate to recommend her total professionalism, dedication and expertise to anyone I believe could be helped by homeopathy."

"It is great to have a homeopath of such experience practicing the other therapies of kinesiology, allergy testing and giving nutritional advice and emotional support in the Newcastle upon Tyne area."


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